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  1. markfilipak

    diskmgmt.msc identifies 'CD-ROM 0' as 'Device Type' 'RAID'?

    Re: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/diskmgmtmsc-identifies-cd-rom-0-as-device-type/1f28799b-3492-4db7-a1be-eb4c0b03672d This may be a problem (or not) and it may be related to RedFox software (or not). The driver inserted is...
  2. D

    Reinstalling AnyDVD after system crash

    My installed copy of AnyDVD was lost when I had a system crash. However, I have three files that were on a NAS RAID drive that were not effected. They are: AnyDVDHD_key_LAH-CH8.anyDVDHD (AnyDVD Registration Key) key.anydvdhd.TXT SetupAnyDVD8160.exe Do I use these files to reinstall or download...
  3. J

    Failed to init ElbyCDIO!

    I've tried the last version that SlySoft released, and the most recent version from RedFox. I have tried uninstalling AnyDVD, I've rooted around in RegEdit to remove all keys that contain AnyDVD, ElbyCDIO, and I still cannot get it to run after installing. I've installed it as Administrator...