read error

  1. Q

    Willy's Wonderland Won't?

    I've had this read error on two separate discs in the exact same spot, coincidence maybe? File 1 G:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_2.VOB 23 TCSectorReader Any body else have this same issue?
  2. K

    Allied disc will not rip (bluray fullHD bluray--non UHD)

    Is it me or does Allied have protection that anydvdhd can't overcome? I've tried this movie on several bluray drive models: I own the full movie and it plays fine on my samsung bluray player, and powerdvd ultimate via pc. I wanna stream this like I do with the rest of my collection on my plex...
  3. B

    MockingJay BRD Disc 1

    I'm currently experiencing a read error on 2 different copies of this movie in 2 different BRD readers at sectors 4297984-4298013 when trying to rip to hard drive. Is there a log file somewhere that might help with diagnosing the cause?
  4. J

    CloneDVD mobile Fail to read DVD

    My AnyDVDmobile isn't working now. I started having problems after you dropped HD service. File 0 e:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO 87 version AnyDVD says [unlock successful] What's the problem. I read the sticky. This should not be happening!!!
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    Zootopia DVD - AnyDVD not fixing intentional read errors/glitches

    EDIT: Resolved - Turns out VLC is not playing the disc and ripped ISO back properly. I installed PowerDVD and it all plays back perfectly. Original Post: I purchased Zootopia Ultimate Collectors Edition (3D), but need to make a backup of the DVD so I can keep a copy in my car for our upcoming...
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    Lots of movies have read errors

    After a recently installed update I'm getting a ton of read errors like 50% to 60% of discs give me an error message, I've attached a screen shot. It's not the discs because I've checked all of them at most of them look completely new and some barely have any noticeable defects. Is this an...