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queue skipping

  1. lajoes

    AS >1402 - HBO QUEUE Crashing

    I have reverted back to AS1402 because HBO's queue is behaving like HULU.s. That is, if I put a list of titles in it while it is paused then change it to download, it crashes. Once in a while it will latch onto the last title and it will download it. That is normal behavior for HULU, but not...
  2. lajoes

    AS+ 1353 & 1354 - ongoing HULU issues

    I have been having two problems with DL'ing on HULU: 1. The QUEUE: if I have more than one title in there, it will skip x number of them before it will latch onto one for DL. This has forced me to DL each title individually, e.g., one at a time. Unless it becomes issue #2. 2. "error...
  3. lajoes

    [Resolved] HULU - expanded subscription service issues

    I just upgraded my HULU subscription to their expanded, all you can eat buffet so I can access more of their content that is not available through the "no adds" version. Unfortunately, I have run into the following situation: In the past, on the original subscription, if a movie wasn't...