1. T

    Not a RedFox Issue Max not loading page content

    Has anyone else been having issues with Max not loading the page content, and simultaneously being unable to search for content? For the last couple of weeks this is the most I've gotten to load. I've also tried downgrading to older versions but it does not seem to make a difference.
  2. E

    Resolved Amazon Login Puzzle

    Good Day, I hope someone can help me. I am currently using the trial with a view to purchase. I am currently having issues logging into my amazon prime account via AS. When I enter my email address i get presented with a puzzle to fill in but the page never fully loads (Remains greyed out) so...
  3. D

    Question Peacock Premium plan - are there ads in downloads?

    Can anyone who has the Peacock Premium plan, which includes ads, let me know: are the ads captured in AS downloads or are they automatically removed, like in Freevee downloads? I previously had Peacock Premium Plus, which excludes ads, and it worked great in AS but I canceled the plan due to...
  4. Jambopaul

    Question Does AS+ download 1080p with HDR on 4K HDR-supported services?

    On 4K-supported services, which currently consists of Hulu and HBO Max (internationally, in the US, it doesn't support 4K after becoming "Max"), AnyStream downloads the videos with HDR intact when using the HEVC codec (there's also the HEVC Dolby Vision option but I personally never use it). I...
  5. L

    Resolved Single Episode in low specs on Prime (Britbox)

    Hi, I want to get Year of the Rabbit on the BritBox Channel on Prime. Out of the 6 episodes, only one doesn't show up in HD in the options. Only 960x480. Is there a reason? Could I get it in HD like the other episodes? Thanks
  6. O

    Question HB0Max to Max

    Hi All! So, just wondering if any issues are expected once HB0max merges with DC+ and becomes MAX in a few days?
  7. DeepSpace

    Physical RAM-Disc

    Some weeks ago, I read about a physical RAM-Disc that is in development, but can't find it anymore. By using Google, this old thread from 2011 was the only thing with an actual product, but it is not available anymore. Since the buttons are greyed out for some reason, I cannot embed the link...
  8. P

    Question What are you using to trim videos?

    What editor are you using to trim title cards or other bits from the beginning of your videos?
  9. DeepSpace

    Forum Updates?

    I made a comment about one hour ago, everything as normal. However, the e-mail telling me about the thread (that lead to an entirely different thread by a different user, created today...), had another UI than the mails before that. And now, after refreshing the page, I suddenly have another...
  10. D

    Question View HMax End Date on web site?

    AS has a great feature when you hover over a title in HMax, where the pop-up shows the end (expiration) date of the title. I'm trying to find the same end date when browsing content directly on the HMax web site, but I'm just not seeing it... I like to browse the HMax site directly to find...
  11. jayper

    Question: Partial Copy ISO with 3D Retained

    Apologies for the new thread, but I was hoping to get a quick validation on my understanding after reading through documentation/FAQs. If I have a backed up 3D blu-ray (folder back-up or ISO), and I load it into CloneBD, I will NOT be able to create a "Partial Copy ISO" and retain 3D for...
  12. ProfessorHinkley

    Resolved Couldn't Retrieve Playlist

    I am trying to download from HM using a VPN outside US. I'm able to sign in and navigate fine but every single item has the same error: Couldn't retrieve playlist. The title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details. I created a log file and uploaded it with this...
  13. S

    Discussion AP 1080p show changed to 540p day later.

    Hi I'm new, it was fine for me when I did some of the show a day before it showed 1920x1080 but after I bought anystream (day later) it seems to only give me the 960x540 option (and lower) now. I checked the previous episodes I already got again on anystream and it no longer lists the 1920x1080...
  14. DeepSpace

    Small color issue

    @Pete Just a small question about an issue I already noticed many month ago: When you release a new version with an additional text, you usually make it a blue text. However, since I use the dark mode skin, I can hardly read it. Yes, it is working when marking the text with my mouse since it...
  15. aideya

    Question about trial usage

    Not that I want to look a gift horse in the mouth but if I'm going to try out your product for free I should be good about it. The trial information on the product page clearly states: "The free 21-day trial version of AnyStream is limited to approximately 10 downloads. You have a quota of 10...
  16. C

    Question update drive firmware

    I have an ASUS Sata DVD drive with M-Disc support but I saw it has a firmware update, do you recommend or not I update the firmware? there is a risk that when updating the firmware the mdisc dvds i have cannot be read?
  17. Knew

    AnyStream Subtitles (Question)

    Hey, I've never used the AnyStream software (not even the trial) but I was wondering if it's possible to get subtitles out of the things you download. If you can; what file format are they usually? Does it change depend on the streaming service? Is it also possible to download just the subtitles...
  18. C

    Question storage DVD inkjet

    Can I use DVD media inkjet Printable for long term storage data or not? M-Disc DVD InJket Printable
  19. C

    Question M-Disc DVD

    What is the real manufacturer of M-DISC DVD Verbatim? what is the contact of this manufacturer for me to clarify technical doubts about this disc? do they have email?
  20. C

    Store PC DVD drives

    How to conserve long term storage of internal sata dvd drives?? I have several stored for a long time