1. Alex Yuan

    Changeing the owner info of a license?

    So here is the thing, weeks ago a friend of mine bought TEN AnyDVD HD licenses all at once using his own redfox account, email address and personal info. I got to him today and he agreed to sell me one at a friendly price. He is my good friend and we meet weekly so he can't be lying. My...
  2. B

    [Resolved] trouble purchasing

    have made 3 attempts to purchase, refused each time called the bank to whitelist as you requested they said they have not received any transaction request can tou help seems to be problem with your payment processor i use a major bank
  3. edrob

    Still no VISA payment

    I want to buy but I only have VISA credit card. Any hope?
  4. R-Man

    Buying through Crypto

    So I like a lot of people who came to purchase AnyDVD, saw no credit card option in the US, and said I'll wait. Getting into Cryptocurrency just to purchase this software seemed like a lot. After a couple of weeks not hearing anything I came to check and see what the story was. What you have to...
  5. lajoes

    Payment Failure

    When I first attempted to purchase the 3 program bundle for 20% off today, I got the first email telling me to call my credit card issuer to "white list" them because the order failed. After calling them and while they were watching after I placed the order again, it failed. This time the...
  6. Terry Bridges

    Nice Response from RedFox Customer Service

    I had a lifetime license to AnyDVD HD from SlySoft and must now purchase another lifetime license from RedFox. I'm having an issue and I'm not receiving any replies after two requests for help. Does anyone know how to get a response from them? 06-27-17 2nd request for help; please respond...
  7. R

    How long after purchase does it take to receive keys?

    I paid this morning, it's a foreign transaction so I understand there may be some delay. I already see the pending transaction on my bank account though. I have not received an email with my key, how long should I wait before I assume there is a problem? Thanks
  8. K

    Purchased Anydvd awaiting key.

    To Whom It May Concern. I am a long time user of anydvd. The best program ever. I purchased the new version I am wondering how long it will take to get the key. it has been over 10 days. I appreciate any info you could give me. Serial TNV-U4N has expired.
  9. M

    I can't buy with Visa. What is going on?

    In the last 24 hours I have tried to buy your software 5-6 times using two different Visa cards. I called my bank and made sure that your retail names is authorized. Regardless, the transactions are still being declined. When I called my bank back they said the card was declined due to an...
  10. T

    Purchase page full of unlabeled buttons!

    I am blind and use Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reader to use my computer. I want to buy a lifetime license for AnyDVD but can't because the purchase page is full of unlabeled buttons. I have no trouble finding the buttons, but all JAWS tells me about them is "unlabeled button 0" and...
  11. Sabertooth

    Paying with bitcoin for US Purchasers using Circle

    Edit by Ivan 2016-12-07: Circle is out of business, so this guide does not work any more. Please stay tuned, we are working on a new guide. Thank you. Circle changes to Spark blockchain. On December 6th, 2016, Circle announced that they will no longer be involved with buying and selling...