1. R

    Not a RedFox Issue Anystream issue Prime

    I have a problem with amazon prime, active subscription, any video i put to download freezes, it starts at high download speed but after a few seconds it freezes and stays stuck. I waited up to 5h but it never completed the download. The network works great during the download, I did some...
  2. N

    Resolved PrimeVideoの保存ができない

    デジタル著作権エラー、エラー7235が表示されて保存できません。 AnyStreamもChromeも最新の状態に更新してあります。 I get a digital rights error, error 7235, and cannot save. Both AnyStream and Chrome are up to date.
  3. Ayoub Gouahi

    Prime Video

    Hi, Friends I'm using Anystream to download from prime video but it always shows me just the content I live in Morocco so some content is available just in the middle east & north Africa I already have a prime video account it works on a browser but in Anystream doesn't work why?
  4. B

    Request Amazon/Primevideo CBR video quality? [Is Essential]

    Can you add option to select video quality in Amazon/Prime betwen CBR and CVBR? Changing this variable "deviceBitrateAdaptationsOverride" to "CVBR,CBR" or "CBR"?