1. JCH.H

    Not a RedFox Issue Plex playing on Apple TV HD requires some HEVC downloads to start on 'Automatically convert' but can then be changed to `original quality`

    Hi, I am curious if anyone else has observed this. I use Plex to playback via a 2015 'Apple TV HD' with a Plex default setting of "original quality". However, some (not all) HEVC downloads get stuck at the start when playing this way. I have to change the setting to "Automatically Convert"...
  2. E

    Resolved Downloaded files From anystream doesn't show up on Plex

    Hey. For some reasons, the files download with AnyStream are not detected by my plex server. And if I post this problem here, it's because I have this problem only with files downloaded by anyStream. I tried changing permissions, file names etc. nothing works. Is there anyone who use Plex that...
  3. ClicketyClack

    Best hardware to provide content to Plex / Roku

    UPDATE: I've been thinking about all of this since this post. I considered pretty much all the options and ended up buying a more-than-capable Amazon refurb to use as an HTPC for less than half the cost of building one. Everything is in that one box, which has an ethernet connection to my LAN...
  4. M

    Subtitles embedded when separate file selected

    I am still in the trial phase of AS but like very much what I see so far. Using Plex on Apple TV is my main use but when I download files with the embedded subtitles they show on Plex playback even though I've told it to turn them off. In order for me to fix this on Plex I have to turn the...
  5. pastorbadger

    Hulu giving me VTT Subtitles and calling them SRT [Solved]

    I thought I post an easy problem to help take your minds off the crisis. In order to make all subtitles work everywhere, what I've been doing is: 1: Download a TV show I want to watch, asking for a separate subtitle file as SRT. 2: Laboriously converting each episode’s .MP4 and .SRT file into...