1. KevinS72

    [AnyDVD - Windows 11 22H2] OPD value incorrect without MakeMKV running

    This started over in the unsupported UHD thread until I discovered I was generating bad OPD ID's in the scanner report. Initially I thought my issue might be from updating to Windows 11 22H2. I haven't run the scanner against my unsupported protected UHD ISO's for several months until today so I...
  2. X

    Local database file location? Nothing in my C:\......\Slysoft\AnyDVD\ directory?

    Hello. I was a 1 year license holder which is about to expire in 48 hours or so, with the recent direction changes of ownership/business plan, I am not so sure I would like to remain as a customer... at least not until things have been settled for good for once and all. That being said, I'm...