1. R

    Not a RedFox Issue D+ login failure with VPN active

    A similar problem has already been reported before (,, but since my issues (or at least the potential solution?) seem different, I am opening...
  2. Don922 works great

    I wanted to post my experience with version I upgraded last night and signed into D+. I then started 3 downloads (NF, AP, D+) and all 3 downloaded without issues. AS is running on a Windows 10 VM on a QNAP NAS utilizing NordVPN. I connect to the VM using RDP. So far so good. No...
  3. zero269

    Using VPN with AS

    Although vpn may not necessarily be a supported benefit with AS, I'm wondering if others are experiencing severe issues when connecting to either Italy or Canada. When I connect to Canada, I'm seeing 0.1 Mbps network performance; not so with Australia, France, Brazil, Netherlands, and a few...