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    2nd Movie File? (Possibly 1080p vs 1080i)

    I am ripping my blue ray collection to my hard disk and on my Back to the Future (25th Anniversary Edition) Part I disk, it created two files with ALMOST the exact same size. On file is 29,502,114 KB and the other is 29,502,113 KB. On the back of the box it says it is shown in 1080p...
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    A new Blu-Ray to rip, What software shall I purchase?

    Okay, I have two blu-ray discs on the way to my address, one from the US that supports regions A/B/C, and the other one is from the Amazon German store that supports Region B/2, Region A/1. What software shall I purchase from here in order to rip both discs? I also need an external...
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    Blu-ray needs to be in the drive at boot

    Hello Team I haven't purchased AnyDVD HD yet, just running the latest version in trial mode. If I can get this problem fixed, happy days and will likely proceed with purchase. The problem I am having Is the Blu-ray needs to be in the Drive at boot for AnyDvd to decrypt it properly. I am not...