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  1. C

    Request AnyStream as Docker Container

    Hey, as far as I know there's currently no (official) way to do so and I can't judge if it's something realistic, but I'd be really interested in it. Is there any chance that theres gonna be a docker container of AnyStream, so that one could simply download stuff on a NAS with the PC turned...
  2. M


    Hi For years I have been backing up all my disks between many. The does not work well so I am getting a Nas and run plex. My question is they are all in iOS files which sucks, so it looks like have a lot to do about 25TB of iOS. I sure clone bd can do this as I already ran them with anydvd to...
  3. Darklord_ICE

    Nas Adapter

    Hallo, sorry, falls dies etwas Offtopic ist: ich habe aktuell 3 USB3-Festplatten die an meinem PC hängen und habe immer wieder Probleme mit der Laufwerkfreigabe mit meiner Nvidia Shield Pro. Daher folgende Überlegung: gibt es einen guten Nas-Adapter an den man einfach alle Platten dranklemmt...