1. Darklord_ICE

    Dateigrößen optimieren?

    Ich habe vor längerem Rain Man von Amazon runtergeladen - die Laufzeit beträgt 2h 13min und er hat eine Auflösung von 1920x1040. Mir ist aufgefallen, daß die Dateigröße von 13 GB schon sehr viel ist .. Ich habe das Ganze dann mit FFMpeg mal testweise neu gerendert und auf 1,4 GB geschrumpft -...
  2. J

    [Resolved] Process MP4 and MKV Files with mov_text or ASS Subs for Usage With Plex

    Background: I heavily post-process all my downloaded content. First by re-encoding to HEVC at a high quality level into MKV containers, then by converting the ASS subtitles to SRT (for Plex compatibility). Note: While Plex nominally support ASS subtitles, it appears to seek to them by scanning...
  3. Killertamagotchi

    MKV Container Support?

    Währe es möglich auch ein MKV Support einzubauen? Denn so könnte man auch die Untertitle direkt mit in einer Datei einbinden ohne das diese dann fest eingebrannt werden wie es sonst bei einer MP4 Datei der fall währe.
  4. M

    mkv Tonspur schleichend asynchron

    Hallo. Ich habe grundsätzlich keine Probleme bei der Erstellung von mp4 Dateien. Alles perfekt. Sobald ich aber auf das mkv Format wechsle (3D!), so gibt es bei praktisch allen BluRays einen schleichenden Zeitversatz der deutschen Tonspur, oder aber bisweilen auch von Beginn an. Schleichend...
  5. SLKabaker

    Converting HD DVD to Blu-ray (or MKV)?

    Ten years ago HD DVD ceded to Blu-ray. Unfortunately, there are still Movies and even a Season of Smallville (among other content) that have not been re-released on Blu-ray. I worry that one day my HD DVD player will fail for one reason or another and I will not be able to watch certain...
  6. HT_Enthusiast

    Lossless Video - MKV Conversions?

    So far from my use with CloneBD and reading all of the tutorial documentation, and post; it does not specify that conversions to MKV (h.264 or h.265) are "no compression" or "1:1" as if you create a backup ISO/File Structure. I have my settings set to highest quality, and encoding with a Ryzen 7...
  7. E

    Clone DVD - Menu Creation on Output - How to Stop?? (And More)

    Greetings, First time with Blu Ray. Lots to learn. My output is to a server using ISO files and played back via KodiTV. (This is my hope at least :) ) So...finally got my first Blu Rays (TV Show) and backing up to individual episodes using CloneBD as above (Trial Version). I backed the First...
  8. vze2mp9g

    Rip DVD to .MP4 and/or .MKV files

    Hello, It's been a while since I posted anything, so I only have one question or opinion. Which RedFox product could I use to Rip a normal DVD (not Blu-Ray) to a .MP4 and/or a .MKV file? Yes, I am using AnyDVDHD, and I own most of RefFox products. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thank You.
  9. camperxl

    Status of CloneDVD Mobile Engine Revamp?

    I can't tell you when, but seemingly a long time ago (guessing when CloneBD was in its infancy) there was talk of the CloneBD engine becoming the revamped engine for CloneDVD Mobile after CloneBD became more stable. There's a lot of functionality (mostly in the form of mkv support) I'm hoping to...
  10. Renascent

    CloneBD causes audio stutter when making a MKV-file (lossless audio)

    Hey I've encountered an error when using CloneBD to make a lossless (original streams) .mkv file. At some point in during the video the audio starts stuttering until you only hear "skips" and "blips". The following BDs I've tried making an MKV out of is Bambi and Rambo 4 (the original BD-cut)...
  11. L

    Rome Series "All Roads Lead to Rome" text pop-ups

    The "Rome" blue-rays have a "pop up" feature "All Roads Lead to Rome" that includes historical research etc. I would like this feature to be present in the .mkvs I create from the disks. I have not figured out how to do this through Clone-BD. There are two sets of English subtitles, the first...
  12. D

    PS4 Streaming?

    When I rip a BD using the PS4 custom setting under "Devices", my PS4 still doesn't recognize the file for streaming. Can SlySoft provide the technical specs for the MP4 format so we can compare it to the PS4 video file requirements of "Media Player"? It's supposed to be H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High...