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missing subtitles

  1. X

    Not a RedFox Issue No embedded subtitles

    So I am currently using the trial version to get to know the program. I plan to buy AS+, however, I encountered a problem when downloading one of the episodes of the series as a test, after turning it on, there are no subtitles in it. I don't really know what to do with it, I looked in the...
  2. N

    AnyStream Los subtitulos no se guardan dentro del archivo

    Muy buenas noches al seleccionar la opcion almacenar los subtitulos incrustados deberia guardarse dentro del archivo, pero cuando termina de descargar solo quedan los audios pero los subtitulos no los carga con ninguna plataforma hasta el momento. Agradezco puedan revisarlo en cuanto puedan...
  3. W

    Battle of Britain subtitle questions

    Hi, My first post. I hope this is the correct forum. My first creation of mp4s have gone fine. However I have tried unsuccessfully to make an accurate mp4 of the 1969 movie 'Battle of Britain' (BluRay) after ripping first to the hard drive. But this is only because the rare subtitle...