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  1. KevinS72

    [AnyDVD - Windows 11 22H2] OPD value incorrect without MakeMKV running

    This started over in the unsupported UHD thread until I discovered I was generating bad OPD ID's in the scanner report. Initially I thought my issue might be from updating to Windows 11 22H2. I haven't run the scanner against my unsupported protected UHD ISO's for several months until today so I...
  2. Pelvis Popcan

    Question about MKB / revocation / Libredrive

    There are some very basic things I'm unclear about, so I thought I'd ask rather than just relying on assumptions from years old threads: "Libredrive" is a mode of operation by MakeMKV, correct? So, you simply run MakeMKV to get Libredrive active. Is that correct? SamuriHL posted before...
  3. T

    MakeMKV zeigt 100 mal die gleiche Datei!

    Welcher ist der richtige Film?
  4. T

    LG BH16NS55 1.05 UHDfriendly

    Hallo ich habe das Laufwerk mit der Firmware kann mir jemand sagen wie ich diese zu 1.02 downgraden kann?
  5. D

    UHD/HDR Menu Problems with VLC/MakeMKV

    I know this might not be the correct forum to post this issue to, but I tried the VLC forum and got no responses. I was able to get Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs working using VLC/MakeMKV and I even downloaded Java so the Menus can show up, and everything seems to be working fine, except one problem...
  6. D

    When will RedFox be supporting ...

    When Will RedFox be supporting 4K UHD Blurays? As there are a few rips all ready out there, can someone plz post below how Terminal got past SGX to rip the 4k UHD Blurays? If its that easy then redfox and MakeMKV should be able to add it to there software, P.S DONT LOCK THIS POST!!!
  7. S

    Matador (Danish TV with 24 episodes)

    AnyDVD HD with default settings will not properly decrypt Matador - the Danish TV programme with 24 episodes on 9 PAL DVDs, Scanbox Copenhagen 2014 release, barcode 5-706100-769605. With AnyDVD HD running, Handbrake and Arcsoft Total Media see only the 12 second opening logo sequence...