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  1. W

    Determining which VOBs correspond to which title sets on DVDs

    Does anyone know of an easy way to determine which VOBs correspond to the title set that CloneDVD shows? With all of the new structural protection, especially on Lionsgate DVD titles, AnyDVD does a nice job eliminating the bogus title sets, but for the one(s) remaining, I would like to pin down...
  2. KevinS72

    John Wick - Screenpass - UHD/BD/Digital Combo

    Good evening guys. I just received the new "John Wick [4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital HD]" from Amazon US and it includes playlist obfuscation. It looks like the fine print lists Summit Entertainment and our friends over at Lionsgate. Blu-ray log file attached. Thanks. ASIN: B01N59S9CK
  3. C

    The Confirmation - Lionsgate - locking up player at end of movie

    This is a new issue for The Confirmation that wasn't addressed in the previous threads. It is similar to other recent Lionsgate release issues. The DVD (US retail) copies fine, but when I play the movie the player locks up at the end of the credits. I use CloneDVD2. It shows that the movie is...
  4. Th3 KrYpt K33p3r2

    Get A Job (US) RedBox

    Hello, Hopefully someone can look at the log, currently It takes a while to scan the dvd. I just want to make sure its a good clean copy to make if i make one with the current anydvd beta. Thanks
  5. B

    Child 44 "dear customer" screen with

    Hi, Child 44 original disc plays just fine with enabled. Rip to HD results in .iso which plays about 15% into movie then black "dear customer" copy warning takes over. Please help. B