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license keys

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    Update old files

    So I just updated my AnyDVDHD file and CloneDVD file but it asked for a license key after the update. I bought these programs well before the original site went down, shouldn't my old license keys still be good and be recognized? I bought the life time updates for each of these. Any suggestions...
  2. N

    Lifetime License my butt

    I purchased every license that you had as SlySoft. These were lifetime licenses. Today, I received a message that my AnyDVD had an update, so I ran it and was then informed that I now have to pay to use my software! I immediately reinstalled an older version. I am sorry that you all lost your...
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    I Have Two Computers. Do I Need Two Seperate License?

    I Have Two Computers. Do I Need Two Separate License?
  4. A

    AnyDVD HD license key failing

    I rebooted my computer and now I am getting a message "This version is not licensed. Please install a valid license key." I tried applying my license key 'AnyDVDHD Key.AnyDVDHD' and it says it is not a valid AnyDVD license when applying. I purchased the lifetime key on 12/19/2008 and still...