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license key

  1. P

    Resolved Licens server down? Life time license not valid anymore even though it says it is valid?

    Upon starting Anydvd it tells me: License unknown, then it shows this screen: It says it is not licensed but then below it says license life time? Any idea, could you please activate it again? THanks
  2. S

    Upgraded from AnyDVD non HD to HD can I update license

    Hi, in the business of transferring stuff from my old XP PC to new W10 I've installed the only version of AnyDVD now available, HD of course. My old license was just for ordinary DVD so the key is rejected. Is there any way of upgrading the key to full HD version without purchasing all over...
  3. N

    Protonmail removed the license file

    Hi everyone. Protonmail removed the License file from my purchase. The order number is Oxx-xxx.
  4. F

    Trial has no place to enter key

    when I open my Trial version. I can not enter my license key. I am confused can someone help.
  5. leptoid

    Payment Processed - No Key received.

    Hey. I am a former Slysoft lifetime license owner and have now bought a Redfox AnyDVD HD license. **post edited by me due to erroneous information. See secondary post below for details. Thank you.