1. M

    Trial License Ran Out

    Good Evening RedFox-Team My Trial License sadly ran out without me even using the product. I downloaded AnyDVD at the end of last year, may have started it once? i am not sure but shortly after i got the message that my grandparents got covid, so i had to drive to them, stayed with them and...
  2. B

    [Fixed] Licence deactivated

    Hello, this morning I don't know why but the license has been deactivated for unknown license reason
  3. Alex Yuan

    Changeing the owner info of a license?

    So here is the thing, weeks ago a friend of mine bought TEN AnyDVD HD licenses all at once using his own redfox account, email address and personal info. I got to him today and he agreed to sell me one at a friendly price. He is my good friend and we meet weekly so he can't be lying. My...
  4. A

    lost e-mail with licence key

    For replacement of PC, I lost the email with licence key for ANYDVD HD. Is it possible to send the mail to re-install it?? I am not able to send the mail to the customer support because I know the serial number bud I don't know the order number.
  5. Eurocoin

    Does 20% discount apply to renewals too?

    Like it says in the title, I'd like to know, if the 20% discount applies to license renewals too?