1. A

    Resolved More Languages - How to start with one language?

    One question to the button and feature. I know i can download a title with more languages, f.e. german and english. I want to set german as the language, my player starts with and only if i switch, this should be in english. I see the button in german (look at the screenshot) but i dont...
  2. javidial

    Download multiple languages

    Hi everyone, Would be possible in the future to select more than one audio language to download? Like me, there’re lots of us interested in downloading English and Spanish (or any 2 languages). Is this something possible to do? Thanks
  3. C

    Language order

    Hi, When I remove a language between another language, eveything is offbeat. In the menu, I must select another language for my language. Ex: English Spanish French I remove Spanish, in my menu, I have to select Spanish to have French. Is normal or there is an option ? Thank you.
  4. D

    Wrong playback language

    Running CloneBD ver. It seem in the last 2 releases when I move movies to mp4 it is copied with the wrong language. I have tried selecting all the language options and keep getting a non-English language. When I use another tool (which is much slower) I select the first language track...