john wick

  1. KevinS72

    John Wick - Screenpass - UHD/BD/Digital Combo

    Good evening guys. I just received the new "John Wick [4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital HD]" from Amazon US and it includes playlist obfuscation. It looks like the fine print lists Summit Entertainment and our friends over at Lionsgate. Blu-ray log file attached. Thanks. ASIN: B01N59S9CK
  2. J

    John Wick Bluray Full Rip Issue

    i bought the US version of John Wick on Bluray at Best Buy. Using the newest anydvd hd beta the full rip completes but playback on a Popcorn Hour A200 results in a black screen after the Atmos demo video just after starting the movie. What can I do to fix this?