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    Question iTunes SDR w/ HDR Meta Data? Any future removal app?

    I do realize that iTunes is not a streaming service (except on AppleTV) and you need to download your purchased files in iTunes (or AppleTV+ App on Mac OS). My first question is are they any plans to develop some type of app that works with iTunes PC files (m4v) or the new convoluted Mac OS...
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    Can I transfer iTunes 1080P Movies to my HDTV for playback?

    Hi, I recently bought an Android HD smart TV, is it possible for me to enjoy my iTunes 1080P movies on it? I tried but it doesn't seem to work. Any comments will be appreciated.
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    How to add iTunes metadata?

    Hello, This may be the wrong sub-forum, and if so, I apologize. I'm fairly new to BD backups, and just downloaded AnyDVDHD and CloneBD last night to put a copy of a movie we bought on his iPod touch. We've had the movie for years, so it does not included a digital copy. I made the rip last...