1. F

    Creating an image (iso) of an e-learning software

    Hi, I have a couple older e-learning programmes (2006-2015) for electrical engineering, that I would like to use on my laptop which has no CD drive. I am not really familiar with making copies of PC programmes, but I have tried to use this guide.
  2. U

    Best Software For ISO Playback

    Hi All First of all I apologise is this is posted in the wrong section of the forum I posted a few days ago in the high definition software section with no responses. My question is the following. What is the best solution/software for playing back Blu-Rays and UHD iso files on Windows and...
  3. U

    Best Software For ISO Playback

    Hi All What is the best solution/software for playing back Blu-Rays and UHD iso files on Windows and Amazon fire streaming devices? Thanks :)
  4. G

    BDMV oder ISO - Vorteile / Nachteile

    Was ist besser - Kopien als ISO oder BDMV (Verzeichnisstruktur) erstellen? Bei ISO hat man natürlich nur eine Datei - bei BMDV kann es sein, dass ein Mediacenter (z.B. Emby) auch Informationen ausliest und diese dann anzeigt. Was macht Ihr?
  5. B

    Dolby TrueHD/Atmos Audio setzt nach 5 Minuten aus

    Bei den drei UHD Filmen "Back to the Future" setzt der Dolby TrueHD/Atmos Audio immer abgehackt aus. Die UHD Disc läuft aber ohne Probleme durch nur die Backups nicht.
  6. Y

    Clicking on Rip to Hard Disk Doesn't Do Anything

    Hi. I used the AnyDVD free trial in August 2016 on my Asus laptop and it worked great. I recently upgraded to an SSD and a fresh install of Windows and installed the newest free trial of AnyDVD, but whenever I click on the button to rip the DVD to the hard disk or rip DVD to ISO, nothing happens...
  7. SubImp555

    Forbidden for hardware to play .iso's

    So, I was looking for a new standalone BD player that would also support .iso files. It turns out that it is forbidden for any hardware manufacturer to construct a player that supports .iso files. (And yes, I know that there are media players such as Dune that actually do support .iso's, but I'm...
  8. Pelvis Popcan

    Weird ISO Issue on region free commercial DVD with no CSS

    I discovered this in the Oppo thread when I was testing ISO playback. Anyways, I have this rare commercial DVD of a short animated film (it contains an extra as well): (For some weird reason Amazon is listing it as a book, lol.) The DVD is region...
  9. J

    Auto Rip with AnyDVD

    I have AnyDVD setup perfectly now using AuotIt so a disc can be inserted then within a few moments, spits the disc back out and has the VIDEO_TS folder created w/o any copyright protection. Can anyone assist on how I can get it to do the same but rip to ISO instead? By default there is no...
  10. My Life Is Tech

    Java Protection/Screenpass/PlayList Obfuscated OPD Cache

    Would it be possible to add a feature to AnyDVD where it caches the information from the OPD for discs that one decrypts with these protections locally? Also a question. When keeping copy protection on Rip to ISO, does that also keep the Java/Screenpass/PlayList Obfuscated protections as well...
  11. My Life Is Tech

    Keep Protection for DVDs

    Does the Keep Protection option for creating an ISO image of a disc, keep the protection for regular DVDs as well? If not, how would we go about keeping the protection to make a 1:1 copy of a DVD? And is there a way to not move the other "features" of a DVD from a protected ISO, but remove them...
  12. My Life Is Tech

    Questions About Inner-Ring Marking Copy Protection on Discs?

    I've heard about the inner-ring markings in an unwritable section of some movies, and I have a few questions about it. Does this affect only HD DVDs and Blu-Rays, or does it also affect DVDs? Is there anyway to copy such discs with this protection, and have them playable in any blu-ray player...
  13. S

    AnyDVD vs BDlot ISO Master

    Can anyone here say if an ISO ripped using AnyDVD's "rip to image" function is in any way superior to one ripped using BDlot ISO Master? I've used BDlot for many of my DVDs and it's always been fine, but today I noticed that one of those ISOs was missing parts of some images on a menu screen...
  14. P

    Incorrect ISO Profiles

    I recently installed a SSD in my HTPC and have having issues playing files, which still play fine when I boot to the old hard drive. For instance, some Blu-ray ISO's won't play, but some older one's will. Meanwhile all play fine on the old Windows system. Both are configured identical with...
  15. DJHallo

    SlySoft AnyDVDHD Rip to ISO - Please add a Folder Reader & Queue Button!

    SlySoft AnyDVDHD Rip to ISO - Please add a Folder Reader & Queue Button!: Can you please add this Function into the Next Update! ;)
  16. D

    Batch Converting Protected ISO

    I am wondering if there is a way to batch convert a bunch of protected ISO's to unprotected ISO's. I am aware of this thread: My understanding is that converts it into folder structure. I don't really know...
  17. J

    Clone BD creates invalid Media ISO File

    Hallo support team, when I try to import an ISO file which I have ripped with clone BD into Mezzmo, it says that the Media File ist incorrect. Same case with AVS Video Converter which says the file format error. Please see attachment. Any idea what is wrong? With DVDFab it works! As a...
  18. M

    Having trouble with DIVX and ISO

    Hi I just want to put my Divx and ISO on my BluRay anydvd HD try Clone DVD eben Clone Blu Ray on occasion I would like to make a Video Smaller or in 2 peices ok not too bright ,Im pretty ill and get injections for the pain if Im ever not clear or cause anyone any problem say the word and I shall...