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  1. P

    Can't Install and Uninstall application after changing video card.

    Hello, does any guys in charge here to help me with this issue? I'm using your app for years and i like it. Today i try to reinstal it but it failed. Uninstaller freeze trying to unregister ReClock.dll. I'm on Windows-7_64bit and i have video card- GeForce GTX1650 connected via DisplayPort.
  2. P

    "Shenzhen RedFox" (Chinese company) text appears during install

    My understanding is that RedFox is based in Belize, as indicated by the ".bz" domain for their website. During a recent install of AnyDVD HD, the text "Shenzhen RedFox" flashed by. A Google search indicates that this is a Chinese company. Why does RedFox, the Belize-based developer of...
  3. P

    AnyDVD Changing Firewall Settings?

    I recently updated to AnyDVD HD During the install, a "netsh" command flashed by that indicated it was changing my firewall settings. Sure enough, according to my security logs there were 2 or 3 changes made to my firewall rules during the time AnyDVD HD was installing. This is...
  4. Fawks

    Full Download?

    Having had the lifetime update of Slysoft AnyDVD HD... Is it possible to get a version of AnyDVD that would have the full AnyDVD database in the program download? Especially if it looks like you may shut down like Slysoft did? It would be nice to have a fully working offline install file...
  5. M

    I have Anydvd HD my computer is being fixed.May I use this older one I have the Keys

    Region 1 Springfield Oregon .AnyDVD HD was working great . I have Windows 7 but I want to do what is right The Computer I originally got is being fixed ,I wont get it back until around the first of February .I have my old computer in the exact place ,hooked up to the same Company(comcas) using...