1. th3dud3

    ASUS BW-16D1HT burning questions.

    Hello friends. i have currently an ASUS BW-16D1HT with anydvdhd reading well 4k UHD disk. i use firmware 3.02. does this drive support 100 giga or 128 giga BDXL disc in burning mode ? i would like to know if some of you have successfuly burned a 100 Giga BD-XL from any anydvd iso file RIP...
  2. SLKabaker

    Possible ImgBurn issue with AnyDVD HD

    I am using ImgBurn and the only thing that has changed, AFAIK, is I updated AnyDVD HD from to (had to reboot after running installation). I created an unprotected ISO with AnyDVD HD Image Ripper and ejected the disc. Before putting a blank disc in the drive, I unchecked...
  3. alopeke

    Processing of Bonus DVD Could be Better

    After ripping second dvd bonus stuff I'm using CloneDVD to shrink down the overall size and creating a hard disk iso using imgburn for playback on my WDTV media server. Generally, the size is reduced by up to a quarter or a half depending on quality and all the menus work fine. Its brilliant...