1. B

    Not a RedFox Issue Netflix 4K

    I cannot find any info, if Anystream should be able to download Netflix hevc 4K HDR content. I have tried on serveral (Squid game, Stranger things, etc.) but it offer only AVC 1080p. I used search button but didnt find relevant info. Thank you for answer.
  2. JCH.H

    Discussion HEVC missing for some seasons and episodes

    Hi, Is this an AP thing or should we report when a season or episode doesn't have HEVC when the rest do for that same show? cheers, J.
  3. Sabertooth

    HEVC Fail on v1.0.8.8

    @Fabian Steiner Unfortunately, HEVC is still crashing on my Broadwell-E 10 Core with v1.0.8.8. I have forwarded a log to bugs already. Let me know if there's any other information you require. My full hardware spec is listed below in my signature.