• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.

help with issues

  1. S

    Anystream not loading Disney plus

    Please help: When I try to load Anystream's Disney plus feature it doesn't open, it just appears as blank.
  2. Knew

    PowerDVD 20 Ultra + AnyDVD HD still blocking screencapping etc.

    Hi, I own a copy of AnyDVD HD and PowerDVD 20 Ultra. Near the end of 2020 I was using both of these to watch my Blu-rays with my friends online, it worked flawlessly. Then I had to reinstall Windows for other reasons and I installed these both softwares again. It worked fine for a while, then...
  3. F

    Future of the Church

    with latest version doesn't work with this DVD this time.
  4. E

    Version AnyDVDHD - Issues

    Ever since I have installed this new version I have been having issues with every other DVD or so. Attached are the error and the log file I have tried to change the region codes but receive the same errors