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  1. videofan

    Question HD DVD

    Kann Anydvdhd auch HD-DVDs rippen ? LG...
  2. D

    Looking for PowerDVD 8 HD-DVD Reloaded edition

    Good afternoon. I saw a forum about an old software that I'm trying to find via this forum: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/powerdvd-8-ultra-reloaded-8-0-a-v-engine-hd-dvd-powerdvd-7-3-player.16668/ I was wondering if anyone still has the installation files for this as I am currently looking...
  3. W

    HD DVD Question

    I have been happily ripping HD DVD's with AnyDVD today (maybe 5 so far) and I have encountered a few (three actually) that won't even be recognized. It's the Blade Runner 5 disc complete collector's edition. I believe it is a USA copy don't know where it was pressed but tell me how to find out...
  4. SLKabaker

    Converting HD DVD to Blu-ray (or MKV)?

    Ten years ago HD DVD ceded to Blu-ray. Unfortunately, there are still Movies and even a Season of Smallville (among other content) that have not been re-released on Blu-ray. I worry that one day my HD DVD player will fail for one reason or another and I will not be able to watch certain...
  5. My Life Is Tech

    Java Protection/Screenpass/PlayList Obfuscated OPD Cache

    Would it be possible to add a feature to AnyDVD where it caches the information from the OPD for discs that one decrypts with these protections locally? Also a question. When keeping copy protection on Rip to ISO, does that also keep the Java/Screenpass/PlayList Obfuscated protections as well...
  6. J

    PC won't recognize XBox360 HD DVD

    I bought a like new, "works great" XBox360 HD DVD player with the intention of hooking it to my WIndows 7 desktop to convert HD DVDs to BluRays. I was told, just plug it in and the PC will recognize it as a Toshiba drive. I have plygged it into 4 different PCs, all with the same result. The...