1. L

    Question How to log into HBOMax through a Provider not working

    I followed the steps in the post for how to login to HBOMax. However, there is one step where it states to click "SUBSCRIBED". That step does not exist. There are two options on this page: CHOOSE A PLAN or CLICK HERE IF YOU ALREADY SUBSCRIBED. There isn't a button or link to click on that...
  2. infinata

    Unable to Login to HBOmax

    I have been trying to login using several versions and have tried on a new windows 10 system fresh install of and receive the same result. Looking for some guidance to resolve the login issue. Log file attached. I enter my username and password, see the white dots for the progress and...
  3. lajoes

    HBO Unable to retrieve playlist

    HBO unable to retrieve playlist for titles just added - update: and a lot of other titles Anyone else having this problem?
  4. I

    [ Resolved] HBO Max Unable to Download

    I am logged in to the service and I'm not able to download a specific show. I've tried it with multiple shows or movies and i get "Couldn't retrieve playlist. The title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details" but some work. Im able to get to westworld just fine but...
  5. L

    Can not add HBO Max when signing on with Provider (DTV)

    I attempted to sign into HBO Max, but using provider option, not email. HBO window box does not scroll down to expose the buttons for the option, screen cut off. Need to be able to size or scroll. Windows 10 64-bit Dell
  6. C

    HBO Login via Provider

    I have an HBO subscription through my cable provider, Xfinity. I can't seem to log on to HBO using AnyStream by using the provider logon. Here is the logon page that I need to use (deviceSerialNumber obfuscated)...
  7. D

    AnyStream HBO Max 'No video codecs to choose from'

    Hello. I recently tried the HBO Max module and it seems 66-75% of content gives 'No video codecs to choose from' in the log messages and shows blank fields in the Download Configuration window. Hitting the download button with blank fields causes a crash. Some movies and shows correctly populate...
  8. J

    Why can't I download Portuguese and Spanish subtitles on HBO Max?

    In the audio options it is possible to download both languages, in addition to English, but for the subtitles it only appears in English and not in Portuguese and Spanish!
  9. M

    HBO Documentary DVDs

    I have never been able to rip HBO documentaries on DVD using AnyDVD. The rip has no errors but the picture is pixelated and messed up all the way to the end of the main feature. The warning and intro videos look fine though. This happens for every single HBO docu I have tried in the past 3-4...