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hbo max

  1. E

    Resolved Disney + and HBO Max login errors "provider setup error'

    Hello, Post title says it all. Every so often (like one in fifty attempts), Disney will connect although 90% of the title icons are missing. HBO Max logged in once and then no more. I deleted the cache and chromium folders in appdata\local\redfox\anystream but nothing seems to help. Any ideas...
  2. HarryBrautt

    Question Anystream .srt files incomplete

    Last night one DL and then several this morning from HBO Max had incomplete English .srt files. That is to say that the subtitles don't match the dialog in the movie. The start time of the first subtitle varies from around 15 mins and up to about 44 mins into the movies. The .mp4 files fine...
  3. M

    Discussion HBO max Error. Failed to retrieve playlist

    Hello, I detected a huge error that limits a lot how a user uses Anystream. Steps to reproduce the error: Search for a first content (Robot chicken) and put a, episode in the download queue. Search for a second content (Looney toons) and put a, episode in the download queue. Search for a third...
  4. Heracles

    HBO Max - Couldn't retrieve Playlist. Not available/requires payment?

    Hiya, I've been getting the attached messages lately on HBO Max when trying to download using AnyStream. I'm pretty sure it's due to HBO Max and it's "3 concurrent interactive logins" and problems with it's login process, but who knows? :unsure: Just got it this morning on two. Hazo como...
  5. W

    Resolved Provider Set up Failed

    I got this error message when starting up for HBO Max. I know my subscription is good because I was just watching it on another device this morning. Help?
  6. I

    [ Resolved] HBO Max Unable to Download

    I am logged in to the service and I'm not able to download a specific show. I've tried it with multiple shows or movies and i get "Couldn't retrieve playlist. The title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details" but some work. Im able to get to westworld just fine but...
  7. donaf

    [Resolved] Provider Sign-in for HBO Max Not Working

    I have access to HBO Max via my AT&T account, but when I attempt to log in via AS+, I'm greeted with the attached error. I know when I signed in on my web browser, it will prompt to send a code to my phone. I am thinking that this missing step within the context of AS+ is probably the missing...
  8. D

    HBO Max

    I have a account through my provider and its worked fine logging into anystream untril a couple weeks ago then it once said something about unknown browser , later just saying oops something went wrong. Any ideas or posts about this i have seen or found? Thanks
  9. C

    HBO Login via Provider

    I have an HBO subscription through my cable provider, Xfinity. I can't seem to log on to HBO using AnyStream by using the provider logon. Here is the logon page that I need to use (deviceSerialNumber obfuscated)...
  10. donaf

    HBO Max - My List accessibility in AS+

    Is there a way that when HBO Max loads in AS+ that a user profile's My List (a list of favorite shows/movies) could populate or be accessible in the context provided in AS+? I know I can access My Stuff in Amazon and thought that perhaps there'd be a way to implement the ability to do so in...
  11. J

    Why can't I download Portuguese and Spanish subtitles on HBO Max?

    In the audio options it is possible to download both languages, in addition to English, but for the subtitles it only appears in English and not in Portuguese and Spanish!