1. alexia

    Freezes on second download

    After I download a video from Amazon Prime Video, if I try to download another one, it gets stuck on 0s remaining / 0%. I have to kill AnyStream from Task Manager to be able to start another download. Windows 10 20H2, AnyStream
  2. P

    Can't Install and Uninstall application after changing video card.

    Hello, does any guys in charge here to help me with this issue? I'm using your app for years and i like it. Today i try to reinstal it but it failed. Uninstaller freeze trying to unregister ReClock.dll. I'm on Windows-7_64bit and i have video card- GeForce GTX1650 connected via DisplayPort.
  3. K

    Firmware patchen funktioniert nicht. (LG Hitachi BH16NS55)

    Hallo, ich habe mir gestern im Mediamarkt den LG Hitachi BH16NS55 geholt und wollte die Firmware downgraden damit ich UHD rippen kann. Der Asus Patcher macht nichts weiter als die Schublade des Brenners zu öffnen, sonst passiert nichts. :( Downgrade der Firmware zu Asus 3.1. is das Gleiche: Es...
  4. Jerry62712

    John Wick 2 and Hacksaw Ridge

    Using 8.1.5 No error messages Problem is after a couple of minutes the screen freezes. Just to a new scene and it will freeze. This doesn't seem to be the same problem the other JW2 thread has. Since there is no error, is there a log I can send in?