• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.

feature request

  1. network

    Request Feature request: save track titles for audio tracks

    AnyStream has the ability to save several tracks in the same language, like here: Not sure about other VOD, but for AMZN the information about these tracks is included in the MPD in the following way: As a result, all audio tracks are saved by AnyStream without any detailed info (MediaInfo)...
  2. M

    Request Map mouse buttons back and forward

    For the Mac version and provider "Amazon Prime Video", it would be great to enable/map mouse buttons 4 and 5 to the Back and Forward HTML buttons.
  3. D

    Request Feature Request: Select the Template at download time

    I’d like to request a change to the Download Configuration Dialog to allow us to select in real-time which template to use for this specific download request. This wouldn’t change how templates are defined and set as default in Settings, but would allow for greater flexibility in specifying how...
  4. SystemIdleProcess

    Request Filter to help in the selection of Anime on Hulu for only Sub or Dub episodes.

    It would be great if there was a way to filter the list of episodes within the selection window in AnyStream. It's very annoying to go through and manually select every other episode in Hulu when downloading most anime because you only what the subs or dubs version. I was thinking an addition...
  5. A

    Request Request / suggestion: Text file list of the download queue list

    Since using AnyStream with the download queue, I rarely, but I got some errors in the past which led to a crash of AS. I think it wasn't a AS fault, but a internet connection or Windows problem. Also one or two times I closed AS by mistake instead of minimize it or close another program. To...
  6. SystemIdleProcess

    Request Feature Request: Queue - Pause All/Resume All Button

    When I'm queueing up things to be downloaded, I prefer to pause all the providers. This is because I get a bit of lag at the end of a download where I can't do anything within the interface. It'd be nice to have a top-level button to Pause All/Resume All providers, so I don't have to go one by one.
  7. D

    Request Feature Request for MAX (for down the road...) - Make Extras available for Download

    As noted in the title, if the AnyStream team can find a way to make the Extras in Max available for download as some point in the future, that would be great! I know the priority is to restore basic functionality and high-quality downloads for Max, so that will come first and please just treat...
  8. filmgal

    Request select country and services before starting program

    My main wish for Anystream is to be able to set the country and providers before starting the program (maybe with different profiles?) Why? I have separate accounts in two countries: - Canada (Netflix, Amazon Prime) and - US (American Amazon Prime (+ channels), HBO Max.) Depending on where I...
  9. V

    CloneBD Wish List

    Not sure where to post this. I really love this software it has consistency and is very easy to use. There is only one thing I would like to see added at some point, I have a very large library of Blu-Ray discs and a growing list of 4k discs. I am currently re-ripping all my discs with CloneBD...
  10. TibTibs

    Feature Request - For all providers

    I have a request that is multi-part and you can choose which parts you think may or may not be important. These would be optional features, so users could choose to implement them--or not. I would love settings to add "natural" human pauses during downloading. 1) A user set, static pause...
  11. S

    Feature request - File name override in the download dialogue

    Feature request - An option when in the download dialogue to override/edit the name of the download file for that specific file. For instance, you've downloaded King Kong which was named "King Kong", but you want it named "King Kong (2005)" so your media server properly knows what metadata to...
  12. S

    Feature request - Version information link

    Minor feature request for consideration - under the ? menu, add a link to the version information notes for the currently installed version (not the latest version, in case someone is running older version).
  13. Z

    Feature Request: Save/Load Download Queue

    Has there already been a feature request to save/load the download queue, either automatically upon exit or to a file-based format? Thanks. :-)
  14. S

    Is it possible to download supplemental videos from Netflix?

    For example like trailers or clips. Maybe a way to download videos by directly pasting in links? Edited Link: nf.com/watch/81128578
  15. E

    Feature Request : API compatible with sonarr/radaar

    Hello, i am trying this soft and it's really great.... but there is a must have for me. Could you consider adding an API compatible with sonaar and radaar. It could be a awesome combo AnyStream + radaar + sonarr for complete a fully offline video collection ripping in best quality and with...
  16. DeepSpace

    [Solved by DrXenos] [Feature Request] Eject Disc after successfull copy

    I've already asked this question before, but I've got no helpful answer. So I try it again: Can you add a checkbox to let AnyDVD eject the disc after the copy finished successfully? This could be placed instead of "Create Image as sparse File" to avoid to change the windows size. I don't even...
  17. zero269

    [RESOLVED] Feature Request: Separate Download Media Folders

    To be able to choose separate Download media folders for Movies and Shows. Here's my vision of what it could look like: Now… and... Then…
  18. A

    feature request: user scripts (Tampermonkey equiv)

    I started writing three feature requests: * More variables for file naming (year, imdbid or tmdbid) * Enable filtering either against a Plex instance or a config file listing already available content to mark content that is already downloaded or otherwise available as such * overlay external...
  19. L

    Feature Request: Save location template support

    I would like to configure AnyStream to save locations flexibly, something like this %Sh (%sy-%ey)/%Snt/ --> Best Show Ever (1996-2003)/Season 01/ Worst Show Ever (2020-)/Season 02/ ... And create said directories if the don't exist yet.
  20. S

    feature request - support for Amazon Prime Music

    Honored Redfox-Team, apart from extended support for more video streaming providers (like Disney+, HBO max, AppleTV, etc.), support for music streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Music, Spotify and Apple Music would really be awsome. Keep up the good work! BRGDS ShiJie