exception error

  1. J

    HBOMAX - exception in download LEgacies S01E13

    Hi, I was downloading in HBOMAX the Legacies series and in episode S01E13 an exception was thrown, I attached details of the log and the generated dump file Thank you in advance
  2. lajoes

    Exception Error for just TV one episode on AP using AS

    Just FYI for AS, 32&64 bit versions: While trying to download Episode 18 of the original TV series Mission Impossible, I keep getting this error message: "AS encountered an exception and therefore created a file with analysis information" Episodes 1-17 and 19 and counting are...
  3. K

    Anystream ancountered an exception [Netflix]

    When I download a film from Netflix, the program stops and gives this error message: Anystream encountered an exception.... [and a reference to the log file]. I enclose the logfile(s). Please help. I have installed the VPM program StrongVPN. The misbehavior of Anystream is the same when I turn...