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  1. T

    New Divergent issues

    Hey guys. I see the Divergent Blu-Ray has been a troublesome disc in the past. Today, I'm having some trouble with it. @Pete I think it's a ScreenPass issue. Even though AnyDVD indicates a "good" playlist of 760, the movie is playing out of sequence. Haven't watched it, but in...
  2. P

    Divergent (dvd) / Handbrake / 4Kb

    Hey guys! I love anydvd and have had very few problems. This is the first disc in a while that's given me trouble. New disc right out of the box for the original Divergent movie. AnyDVD seems to read it just fine and after scanning, Handbrake pops up with the options and can find the title like...
  3. Nirvana

    "Copy Protection" with Divergent BR

    Hi, I usually burn films on verbatim BluRay discs. Yesterday I made Divergent (Italian). But playback stops after starting the movie from the main menu. A message appears, that tells me that the movie can not be played because not original. This happens both on LG BR/DVD player and on my PC...