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disney plus

  1. E

    Resolved Disney + and HBO Max login errors "provider setup error'

    Hello, Post title says it all. Every so often (like one in fifty attempts), Disney will connect although 90% of the title icons are missing. HBO Max logged in once and then no more. I deleted the cache and chromium folders in appdata\local\redfox\anystream but nothing seems to help. Any ideas...
  2. S

    Question Unable to download on Disney+ with AnyStream1.6.1.0

    I just updated to the newest version of the application software and I am now unable to download anything from Disney plus. Instead, I get pic related. However, when I sign out, turn on vpn and sign back in, the download function works. Here's my log file. By the way, Japanese subtitles aren't...
  3. B

    Question Disney+ Versions

    I do not see this available currently in the app (if so, apologies) - but would like to be able to select which version to download from Disney+ IE IMAX Enhanced and regular Widescreen. Thank you in advance.
  4. S

    Question Disney+ series not showing up on ASP even though it shows just fine on web browser

    So I wanted to download a series called VikingSkool that's only available in the UK and Ireland on Disney+ at the moment. However, when I used my vpn to connect to the UK, start ASP and search for the title, it simply wasn't there even though the series is clearly accessible on my web browser...
  5. W

    Discussion Disney + Error: Couldn't retrieve playlist. The title may not be available...

    I'm getting this error message when attempting to download ANYTHING from Disney Plus. My Disney Plus subscription(started today) is a Basic subscription bundled with Hulu with ads for $9.99/mo. I don't get this error with either Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Also, I have this same exact problem...
  6. BrianSmith

    Disney+ now seems to have DRM issues as well

    Downloads immediately abort. Log file attached. Hope this helps.
  7. R

    [ Resolved] Disney+ Titles not available

    New to the app, so maybe I am missing something, but every Disney title I try to download says "Couldn't retrieve playlist. Title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details." Snippet of the logfile: 02:19:27.481 - [Error] [disney] Playlist payload is not an object...
  8. S

    Anystream not loading Disney plus

    Please help: When I try to load Anystream's Disney plus feature it doesn't open, it just appears as blank.
  9. Magavara

    ( Solved) Disney+ Video Resolution

    Hi Forum, I'm was thrilled to see that Disney+ was added to AnyStream. Login and downloads work fine. However, I can only download at 1280x720 resolution. That is the highest option offered for Disney+ downloads. Does anybody know why that is and how to change it so I can download at higher...