1. R

    Disney+ HTTP error 500

    This error just came right out of the blue, never had problems before, always worked ... until now. I have attached the latest log file.
  2. BrianSmith

    Disney+ now seems to have DRM issues as well

    Downloads immediately abort. Log file attached. Hope this helps.
  3. DeepSpace

    Bug: AS subtitle selections display improperly

    I noticed two errors with subtitles on D+. First: The cc tag is missing, and therefore, if there are two subtitles for one language, one will get overwritten/ not saved. (instead of movie.de.srt and movie.de.cc.srt I only got movie.de.srt.) This is the Black Widow logfile. Only if the second...
  4. Anysia

    Discussion Can't login Disney+

    Have the latest version of Anystream Every time I enter my user details, I get "Login Failed". But I can login Netflix and Amazon. I roll it back to previous version, the one without Disney+ Japan, and still had same problem. User details are correct, as I can login via webpage. I have...
  5. zero269

    D+ Incorrect Show Title

    This is a strange one, and likely the only show in D+ that displays the incorrect name for the show. I attached a log file for developers reference. I just installed v1161... I noticed that the new episodes were not populating in my Show's directory, so I went back in there and attempted a...
  6. YenA52 non funziona con Disney+

    come da soggetto, oggi primo agosto 20201, la pagina iniziale di disney+ non è accessibile: "impossibile recuperare il contenuto della pagina"
  7. J

    Disney+ 1080p confirmed by D+ Support

    Hi all, I'm new to Anystream, and I've read, that Disney+ Downloads are only possible in 720p because Disney limits the Stream in Browsers to 720p. I've just contacted the Support via Chat, and she confirmed me, that Disney does not limit the Stream in the Browser to 720p but provides 1080p...
  8. R

    AnyStream, Disney+, & 5.1 Surround Sound

    If you somehow manage to download something from Disney+, will it be downloaded in 5.1 surround or is it limited by the browser and website limitations that keep us from hearing 5.1 sound in the first place?
  9. Magavara

    ( Solved) Disney+ Video Resolution

    Hi Forum, I'm was thrilled to see that Disney+ was added to AnyStream. Login and downloads work fine. However, I can only download at 1280x720 resolution. That is the highest option offered for Disney+ downloads. Does anybody know why that is and how to change it so I can download at higher...
  10. W

    [Resolved] Disney + Could not retrieve play list

    There have been a couple of movies in Disney + that give me the error message "Could not retrieve playlist" These are older movies that are not on the premier access list. And suggestions?
  11. S

    [Disney+] "Extras"

    Thanks for adding Disney+ Support!! I did think Disney+ would be the most likely service to be added next if it was technically possible. I do have a odd request though. Some Disney+ content contains "extras" in the form of other version of a film (for example a "sing along" version). These...
  12. Chris Hertenstein

    Great experience with AnyStream ... status on Disney+

    So I have to admit I have purchased a competitive supplier's software and have asked for a refund after using AnyStream for Netflix and Amazon... The competitive supplier purports to offer Disney+ which is my other key streaming service and the reason I bought their product originally... but...
  13. L

    Ergänzung um Disney+ angedacht ?

    Hallo... Habe mir die Testversion runtergeladen, finde das Programm cool und etwas einfacher zu bedienen als zB Audials (y)(y)(y) Da ich viel bei Disney+ schaue und lade, wäre es klasse, wenn AnyStream auch für Disney+ zugänglich gemacht werden würde. Speziell auch wegen der Untertitel, da die...