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  1. D

    Downloading The Simpsons from Disney+ in their original aspect ratio?

    Is it possible to download the older episodes from disney+ in their original 4:3 ratio? I know in Disney+ there's a switch to swap between the remastered ones and the originals, but I can't seem to get the originals through anystsream
  2. V

    Question Disney+ unable to connect

    Hello ! I took out a licence the day before yesterday.Since then I've been trying to connect to Disney+ but I can't. I've done various things, including formatting my PC and turning off the firewalls and Windows Defender. I can't do this (see the screen).I'm attaching the screen and the log...
  3. BARTO777

    Question Disney+ max 720p resolution

    Why the maximum download resolution (for old titles) is 720p, while Stream*ab allows 1080p? I guess that's a difference in the script, but will it be possible also here in the future?
  4. S

    Discussion Only 2-channel audio on Disney recently

    Tried searching the forums to see if the issue had been brought up by others, but found nothing that matched. Recently I've only been getting dd-stereo audiotrack on nearly everything I try from Disney+. Old releases still have the 5.1 audio. Example: Ahsoka episode 1
  5. S

    Question Unable to download on Disney+ with AnyStream1.6.1.0

    I just updated to the newest version of the application software and I am now unable to download anything from Disney plus. Instead, I get pic related. However, when I sign out, turn on vpn and sign back in, the download function works. Here's my log file. By the way, Japanese subtitles aren't...
  6. X

    Question Disney+ Provider setup failed

    So today I got this error. I searched the forum for similar posts and found none of them helped. I tried to work with vpn and even uninstall the program but to no avail. All other platforms I've used so far work fine except disney+
  7. J

    Resolved Disney Plus: Provider setup failed

    This has been going on for a while, but I figured I'd wait until the next update to see if it fixed it. I'm now on 1.5.9 and it's still happening. I get a "Provider setup failed" error and then... nothing. No ability to try logging out of my account or anything.
  8. B

    Question Disney+ Versions

    I do not see this available currently in the app (if so, apologies) - but would like to be able to select which version to download from Disney+ IE IMAX Enhanced and regular Widescreen. Thank you in advance.
  9. S

    Question Disney+ series not showing up on ASP even though it shows just fine on web browser

    So I wanted to download a series called VikingSkool that's only available in the UK and Ireland on Disney+ at the moment. However, when I used my vpn to connect to the UK, start ASP and search for the title, it simply wasn't there even though the series is clearly accessible on my web browser...
  10. JCH.H

    [Resolved] D+ 854x480 ? (OK now)

    Hi, As of today, I can only download at 854x480 on Disney+. Is this the cat/mouse game or something else? Logs attached. J. edit: Restarted AS and 720p is back. Not sure what happened.
  11. C Disney+ JPN resolution problem (HD is gone)

    Here is the picture, there is no 1920x1080 now, I'm not sure if it is normal or not.
  12. R

    [ Resolved] Disney+ Titles not available

    New to the app, so maybe I am missing something, but every Disney title I try to download says "Couldn't retrieve playlist. Title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details." Snippet of the logfile: 02:19:27.481 - [Error] [disney] Playlist payload is not an object...
  13. H

    Disney+ kein FULLHD

    Moin, wollte heute etwas bei D+ laden und musste festestellen, das kein 1800p anwählbar ist! Kennt jemand einen Grund?
  14. Will801

    Disney +

    Went to the Disney + tab to see what was new and there is nothing showing up. It shows I am logged into my account. I tried to log out and log back in but it didn't work.