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  1. JCH.H

    [Resolved] D+ 854x480 ? (OK now)

    Hi, As of today, I can only download at 854x480 on Disney+. Is this the cat/mouse game or something else? Logs attached. J. edit: Restarted AS and 720p is back. Not sure what happened.
  2. C Disney+ JPN resolution problem (HD is gone)

    Here is the picture, there is no 1920x1080 now, I'm not sure if it is normal or not.
  3. R

    [ Resolved] Disney+ Titles not available

    New to the app, so maybe I am missing something, but every Disney title I try to download says "Couldn't retrieve playlist. Title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details." Snippet of the logfile: 02:19:27.481 - [Error] [disney] Playlist payload is not an object...
  4. H

    Disney+ kein FULLHD

    Moin, wollte heute etwas bei D+ laden und musste festestellen, das kein 1800p anwählbar ist! Kennt jemand einen Grund?
  5. W

    Disney +

    Went to the Disney + tab to see what was new and there is nothing showing up. It shows I am logged into my account. I tried to log out and log back in but it didn't work.