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  1. D

    Not a RedFox Issue What's your worst AnyStream download blunder? I just had mine ...

    So I'm an idiot, and how are you all today?? o_O This morning I decided to grab all of Game of Thrones in 4K and added 73 recordings to my queue. I left the house, came home 4 hours alter, downloads are done - great! (y) I added them to Plex, and checked my Plex 4K TV Collection but ...
  2. I

    Discussion Storage options (at least what I do)

    So I know this is kind of odd and old school, but for storage purposes I simply burn the files to BD-R media. I have long experimented with authoring software and the greatest thing about this program for me is that I no longer need to. I have found that if I burn the files downloaded in AVC...
  3. George++

    Discussion The new visible tag system (thread prefixes)

    It sure looks nice, though at first I thought it annoying. So....is this an admin/moderator selectable feature, or can us lowly users prefix one to a topic?