decryption failed

  1. D

    Resolved Unable to Decrypt this Stream

    Been trying to get Thorium, The Far Side of Nuclear (2020) which I rented. Whenever I attempt to download Anystream comes up with this error.
  2. JCH.H

    Resolved unable to decrypt stream for Leverage Redemption s02e08

    Hi, Leverage Redemption s02e08 - unable to decrypt stream. Logs attached - cheers! J.
  3. ArbitrarySorting Works remarkably well. Notable exception AP

    For me 3 out of 4 providers work just as expected. The notable exception is AP that more or less immediately aborts with a "Can't decrypt..." or somesuch message. Same thing regardless of Crossover in Mac or Windows 11 in Parallels. Mac Mini M1 Crossover AnyStream Parallells WIndows 11...
  4. H

    Just Cause 1995 DVD doesn't decrypt properly

    Using BP50NB40 latest FW 1.03, VLC has poor video and audio on playing drive as well as extracted VOBs or ISO, or the disk itself. This is the second disk I try, and probably 20th on this drive. WMP says no disk in the drive. Nero DVD player asks for region code (was unset for last 6 months)...
  5. S

    "Decryption Failed" Error

    I did a search and found no earlier references, so I decided to report this.. I've been getting a "Decryption Failed. This may mean that you have exceeded your quota" Error message. This started happening about 3 times over that last few days when downloading AMZ TV Series. The EASY fix is to...