credit card

  1. ClicketyClack

    Getting CC payment pre-approved : WHO?

    I'm hoping for a Labor Day sale, in which case I want AnyStream + I'm probably too late to do the Walmart MoneyCard and have it in time. Reading some of the posts, it seems as though I should contact my CC provider and tell them that the RedFox purchase will be legitimate, but I assume that...
  2. Heracles

    Thank you for having Credit Card also as payment method - U.S.

    Thank you for Credit Card option - I don't do Bitcoin and that was preventing me from getting AnyStream+
  3. R-Man

    Buying through Crypto

    So I like a lot of people who came to purchase AnyDVD, saw no credit card option in the US, and said I'll wait. Getting into Cryptocurrency just to purchase this software seemed like a lot. After a couple of weeks not hearing anything I came to check and see what the story was. What you have to...
  4. T

    Successful purchase with AAA TravelMoney prepaid debit card

    If you live in the U.S. and you’ve had difficulty purchasing a RedFox license with a credit card or Bitcoin, a great alternative is AAA Visa “TravelMoney,” which is the modern equivalent of a traveler’s cheque. I used one to successfully buy a lifetime RedFox license, and it also enabled me to...