crash download dump

  1. 3

    AnyStreamPlus dumps now again like previous version.

    so, previous days more and more attempts to download have been blocked, now it crashes again. See current dump file. it crashed on Netflix this time. Now no download possible at all, for Amazon Prime. A new round for the race of red"fox" bunny and the evil hogs just started (or view US...
  2. ArbitrarySorting

    AnyStream beta crash

    Crash on start of a single download after idling (well no dl:d) for several hours. Running in Windows 11 ARM Dev. preview in a Parallels VM on a M1 Mac Mini.
  3. 3

    AnyStreamPlus Crash Netflix

    just upgraded to AnyStreamPlus and crashed while trying to get a netflix movie. Before! It stopped suddenly a current download. Had no messages before, had enough free downloads (more than 90) There is an issue Please provide a fix. Thank You so much in advance.
  4. S

    AS Crashed While Downloading From AP

    AS just crashed while downloading "A Murder of Crows (1999)" movie on AP. AS threw this crash dump and closed. Immediately re-opened AS and re-downloaded this movie successfully! No VPN or other multimedia apps/ tools in use at the time - just Windows Performance monitor. Running Windows 10...
  5. P

    crash befrore start the download

    after the current installation there is no more download. aynstream aborts directly and creates a dmp. note: all version upper from SetupAnyStream_1.0.9.1_32bit.exe dont work for me, all crashed after click on download a episode. was the latest working version from my windows 7 desktop