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closed captions

  1. ClicketyClack

    Request Option to download ONLY the subtitles

    I have no idea how much work it would require to implement, but if it's not too much hassle I'd love to see an option to download ONLY the subtitles. I have the work-around of downloading the lowest resolution video just to get the subtitles, so I have an acceptable solution, this is just...
  2. G

    HBOmax CC errors

    I've noticed a few errors today, the files will ether never finish downloading or when they do the file won't open causing user to lose a token, If you disable closed captioning it seems to work as expected. Movies I've encountered problems are Poltergeist, The Suicide Squad, Blade Trinity...
  3. E

    Embedded Closed Captions Not on my Roku

    I think this a Roku issue but I'm not an expert on Closed Captions (cc). When I download an mp4 with embedded cc and play it an app on my computer the cc shows up as expected. When I watch the mp4 on my Plex server through my Roku the cc doesn't show. I've checked the setting on my Roku but...