1. Jerry62712

    The Hunt - can't get a log, rip to disk, copy with CloneCD or CloneDVD2

    Couldn't generate a log or rip to disk. Tried CloneCD and it seemed to copy until it gave up after an hour. Won't even register with CloneDVD2.
  2. Jerry62712

    Uncut Gems

    Not sure if this is a AnyDVD or a CloneDVD2 problem. The symptoms are when trying to backup the movie Uncut Gems, the "Video titles" doesn't show the movie. In fact, it shows there are 64 files, but only includes 13 on the list. One of the ones missing is #1 which I assume is the actual movie.
  3. O


    Installed Windows 10 and was not happy with it so I reverted back to Windows 7 Professional. I am not unable to use CLONEDVD2 because I keep getting the error Writedvd 10 11 w2 since I returned to Windows 7. Any help or advice would be appreciated.