1. D

    Will CloneBD work with Windows 11?

    As per the title, Will Anydvd work with Windows 11?
  2. D

    Thor - The Dark World

    Hello, I have a problem processing this disc, when I try to process this disc Thor - The Dark World Region ABC Bluray I open Anydvd, then CloneBD, then Select the Disc Option, I then select the right playlist then continue, then, start the encode, then when CloneBD starts to gather information...
  3. Knew

    CloneBD desaturates/discolours final product.

    Hi, I've noticed when I was ripping my UHD copy of Wall-E the reds in particular were more discoloured than the original source. Is this normal? Thanks.
  4. N

    CloneBD Beta - User experiences with it?

    I somehow missed this beta version - - when I first got CloneBD. I am planning to try it since I see it contains *numerous* fixes and improvements; however since it is a beta, I wanted to know how this beta version is working for others? Is anyone having issues with the beta version?
  5. T

    Allegiant issue too

    So, the Allegiant Blu-Ray I just got seems to play ok in PDVD. But when I try to use CloneBD to create a partial copy, the resultant folder loads and after only shows black screen. Not even the Top Menu! In case you're wondering why I didn't put this under CloneBD, it's because in the past...
  6. M

    Additional audio options?

    I have a question about what probably affects a tiny number of people, but I encountered this multiple times very recently. I'm wondering if there is a workaround. I have a disk (Blade Trinity Uncut) that has as it's primary, HD audio, DTS-HD MA 6.1 Surround. It also has two stereo commentary...
  7. T

    3D Lost When Using 1:1 Copy Mockingjay Pt 1 3D Region B to Region Free with CloneBD

    Hello, I have the German Mockingjay Part 1 3D blu ray. I want to make a 1:1 copy so I can watch on a sony region 1 player. Environment: Windows 10 AnyDVD CloneBD - Currently trial version 64 bit. First I tried my usual steps where I used AnyDVD Ripper to create a region free...
  8. B

    Abspielprobleme von UHD auf XBOX One S

    Guten Tag, leider habe ich feststellen müssen, dass es bei meiner Xbox One S bei vielen UHD Blurays zu Abspielproblemen kommt. Ich habe meine Sammlung an geschrumpften Kopien getestet und nur ca. 30% funktionieren. In erster Linie sind es die Universal Platten, die Probleme machen. Es erscheint...
  9. M

    In The Heart Of The Sea - 3D

    I am having issues with ripping this movie in 3D on two different systems. System 1: desktop, Win10 with internal SATA optical drives. CloneBD v1.2.6.0-32bit. Use it all the time to rip stuff with CloneBD and other programs. No issues there. Just this disk. AnyDVD sees it fine. It fails prior...
  10. SubImp555

    Purple fox

    Hi all! I have followed the instructions to the letters, dots and comma's (honestly; I did!) here to circumvent Cinavia. However, AnyDVD HD ( does not turn purple while copying Total Recall 2012...
  11. M

    Drive Scanning

    I am not sure if this is a CloneBD issue or an AnyDVD-HD issue but I am posting it here regardless. For quite some time now I have been having an issue with by drive continuously scanning Like it is going back-and-forth across the disc looking for something. I don't believe this is a hardware...
  12. Roxy

    Proposal: Add batch processing

    Hi, I want to convert all my ISO files to something common DLNA players can recognize. I know that user interaction is necessary for selecting the correct streams to convert. But can we have the actual conversion get performed in a separate worker process, or even as a service in the...
  13. P

    [BUG] The Nightmare Before Christmas - Transcoder Failure

    Trying to rip The Nightmare Before Christmas without transcoding and getting a transcoder failure immediately. AnyDVD HD doesn't report any errors when ripping to an image. I've tried using both the Blu-ray disc and the image and both produce the same transcoder error in CloneBD. I've...
  14. drnogerms

    CloneBD Update Alerts

    Periodically I receive a desktop alert that a new version of AnyDVD HD is available (I just got one a few minutes ago). But I am not receiving desktop alerts about new versions of CloneBD. In reviewing some of the CloneBD threads in this forum this morning, I discovered that CloneBD Version...
  15. T

    New PC for BD ripping and conversion to MKV

    Hi all, I recently retired my regular ripping pc (Ancient 2.8Ghz Intel quad core with 8GB of ram), as it was unable to create smooth running mkv's from BD's with AnyDVD HD and CloneBD. As a test I tried to create a mkv using my server pc (8 core AMD Bulldozer FX-8350 with 32GB Ram) and that...
  16. M

    Rogue One 3D

    I am having an issue trying to rip this movie into an MKV-TAB in CloneBD v1.1.5. To cut to the chase, when I click start it gives me a message that says "gathering information" and it just sits there. I left it for 10 minutes. No drive activity either. To get it to do anything I clicked abort...
  17. N

    CloneBDが落ちる試用版でBD50からBD25に完全コピーを行うのですが、40秒目ぐらいの場所でエラーが出て動作が停止いたします。 これは試用版だからなのでしょうか? ログを添付してます。 よろしくお願いします。
  18. nebostrangla

    20% Discount At The Elaborate Bytes Store

    From The Purchase Page: Elaborate Bytes is offering a discount of 20% on all products, valid until Monday, January 2, 2017. Now you can get ALL the companion tools of AnyDVDHD for 20% off.
  19. Roxy

    Batch processing

    I have quite a number of Blu-ray/DVD ISOs, created with AnyDVD. Unfortunately, they cannot be transmitted via DLNA, so I need to convert them to a format that can be sent via DLNA. But it would be a tremendous amount of work to convert them each separately. So I'd like to be able to create a...
  20. CraigR

    Clone BD Advanced Interface Possibility...

    I was wondering if it might be possible to add the ability to CloneBD to select specific audio and subtitle tracks when creating an ISO, like tsMuxeR GUI (see attached screenshot). I am probably missing something in the CloneBD GUI that will allow me to drill down and select the specific tracks...