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clone bd

  1. Wingnutt

    Burning from ISO to BD Errors

    Recently downloaded Clone BD. A friend recommended this product to me. Out of 20 or so disks maybe 4 of the projects worked? I have wasted a bunch of blank Ridata BD-R DL 50GB disks. Recently tried to make a disk for Marvel Studios' Shang-chi and the disk failed. My Blu Ray Burner is an ASUS...
  2. J

    I'm Back! AnyDVD HD issues with 'The Long Shot' Part 2

    Let me start out with some background. I have done software tech support for 20+ years. I use a system whose sole purpose is rip and shrink movies. No extraneous processes are running. It is a 3rd gen i7 with 8g of Ram and an a GTX 1060 graphics card using a clean, fresh Windows 10 pro install...
  3. D

    Clone Bd slowed Down

    Hi I’m new to forum and a pretty tech dinosaur so excuse ignorance. Just got a new PC (HP) and was proud I was able to re-set up any dvd and Clone BD myself lol. I use a pioneer external burner and new pc is 3.0 usb Thing is now getting 15 FPS copying on some titles, uncompressed 48 GB types...
  4. M

    Issue accessing downloading or purchasing sites?

    Hello, Not a total newb (had a lifetime license that dates back to 2008 or so) but it's been about 4.5 years since I've actively used the software...and that was 2 computers ago. Looking to re-acquire the software and purchase new licensing (since I've long lost the emails that held those...
  5. C

    CloneBD Hardwarebeschleunigung fehlt

    Hallo! Momentan ist es mir nicht mehr möglich die (experimentelle) Hardwarebeschleunigung einzuschalten. Die entsprechenden Buttons sind alle ausgegraut. Ich habe geschaut, dass alles aktuell ist, Windows 10 1709, AMD Radeon RX460 Treiber 17.11 und natürlich CloneBD (1.1.70). Hat jemand einen...
  6. N

    Wonder Woman and CloneBD

    Attempted make full copy ISO image of original Wonder Woman Blu-Ray I bought earlier today using latest CloneBD v1.1.7.0 and AnyDVD-HD v8.1.8.0 -- Only setting I did in CloneBD was "downconvert HD audio" to "DTS" / 1024-bit / Keep original. This was to remove the Cinavia Watermark -- Once it...
  7. SubImp555

    Suggestion: ChromeCast support

    I was just thinking that it would be great if there would be an option to stream a movie from the CloneBD player to my ChromeCast. Since I have no programming skills, I haven't got the faintest clue on how much work that would involve, but I assume that the amount of work would be severe...
  8. B

    Sunset Song [UK] – Metrodome Blu-ray disc.

    Title: Sunset Song Region code: It says region “B” on the back of Blu-ray case and on the Blu-ray disc, and in the AnyDVD HD "Status" window it says “Determined region(s): B.”. Country: UK Distributor: Metrodome. Blu-ray movie release date: 4 April 2016 Issue(s) in detail: 1) The initial...
  9. nebostrangla

    A simple tutorial of the basic functionality of cloneBD is needed

    Could someone help with making a basic tutorial for newer users of cloneBD. Just the basics like finding your preferred settings in the preview player. And how to apply those to to your output. Also a simple explanation of making subs work forced or not ,hardcoded or not , and finally DVD vs...
  10. J

    Clone BD creates invalid Media ISO File

    Hallo support team, when I try to import an ISO file which I have ripped with clone BD into Mezzmo, it says that the Media File ist incorrect. Same case with AVS Video Converter which says the file format error. Please see attachment. Any idea what is wrong? With DVDFab it works! As a...
  11. A

    Sound like a long hallway

    I have to resort to ripping the titles then compressing for iPad using third party software. The sound quality even if retaining multi channel sounds terrible. True its legible but music and complex background noise is distorted. The main voices sound shrill and reverberate over extended viewing...