• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.


  1. N

    Question Tienen algun problema con MAX para Colombia?

    El dia de hoy amanecimos sin la sesion abierta como todos los dias, al pedir el usuario y contraseña esta todo bien hasta ahi, pero cuando va a cargar el contenido se queda la pantalla en negro y no pasa de ahi. cuando cierro el programa y lo vuelvo a abrir simplemente me pide de nuevo que...
  2. N

    Question Es posible resolver el tema de los subtítulos incrustados?

    Muy buenos dias a todos. Hace unos meses atras comente este tema de los subtítulos incrustados, veo que después de ese tiempo aun no se resuelve y parece ser de que aun no lo revisan si quiera. El problema esta en que los subtítulos no se guardan como SRT en el archivo se guardan como TT...
  3. M

    Question Initial setup text contrast issues

    During initial setup the text contrast is low on macOS 13.5, do you have the same issue?
  4. DeepSpace

    Question Audio Bug and a question

    I already discovered the first issue month ago, but I think I never posted it (and it still exists). The second one is new, although I cannot say how long it might be there as I haven't checked this movie ever before. When opening the documentary "Salzburg" (the second video in the log...
  5. 0

    Discussion [hulu, maybe others] hitting F5 with search results displayed is fatal

    how to reproduce: log in to hulu type in a title in the search box find that title hit F5 crash
  6. 0

    Discussion [hulu] AS seems to randomly pick between HEVC L120 and L123 codecs for 1080p & L150 and L153 for 4K

    same as we had happen with 'flix, occasionally AS would pick HEVC L120 (Main@L4) that's coded at lower bitrate instead of L123 (Main@L4.1) that is coded at a higher bitrate, but persistence would land you L123 eventually... Not sure why they need 4.1 but that's what they've done... Perhaps it's...
  7. 0

    Question [hulu] AS being clairvoyant again...

    season 3 of Animaniacs shouldn't be presented as downloadable, but is ;)
  8. 0

    Resolved [Fixed] hang on HTTP/500 from the licence server

    Probably ought to error out and not hang ;)
  9. 0

    Request [ hmax] `undefined' language in snd/sub

    per thread title.
  10. D

    Request HBO Max "My List" shows only the 32 titles, and only the oldest

    I have 72 titles in my HBO Max "My List" queue, but AnyStream is only showing 32 titles in the "My List" row, and is only showing the oldest titles (those at the end of My List), not my newest 32. I ran a few searches, might be using the wrong terms, but got no hits for this: is it a know...
  11. Darklord_ICE

    Bug in AnyDVD

    Hallo, es gibt folgenden Bug in AnyDVD (falls noch nicht bekannt) - mit mehreren Laufwerken: wenn man bei einem Laufwerk den Kopiervorgang startet, während bei einem anderen noch die Disc untersucht wird, hängt es sich komplett auf und man muß den Task abschießen und alles nochmal von vorne...
  12. A

    Blade of the 47 Ronin

    Max resolution is 960x540 for Blade of the 47 Ronin - netflix. May be a bug. Not sure.
  13. T

    {Bug} Content Moving in Queue

    When moving multiple items in a long queue, the previous items that were moved will drop down to below parts of the list that were not moved. This happens in the new update and was not noticed in the past, but does not mean that it was not there. [EDIT] It appears that this issue happens when...
  14. Flymo

    AnyStream crash

    Hi Redfox Whilst navigating between providers in, I experienced a crash. I uninstalled the software then installed where I also experienced a crash but this happened either after setting up the Paramount+ provider (which was the last provider I had to set up) or navigating...
  15. DeepSpace

    Queue issue also applies to sound

    Yes, it is quite a long text, but I think I found a solution and I have to explain all details so nothing gets screwed up or someone says "yes, but what if AS cannot download 1080p for that episode, what should AS do then." I could never understand that since it can just go down to the next...
  16. DeepSpace

    [Resolved] AS Amz still reloading

    According to the changelog, the log out-bug is supposed to be fixed. It seems that something did happen, but some things are still reloading. I will explain it below and I hope you can explain what is wrong here. Of course I was happy reading that it is finally fixed, so I immediatley went to...
  17. DeepSpace

    Thank you and a known bug

    After reading the threads that 1080p is back I tried the things I only got SD from again and was happy to see that I always got 1080p now! Even though I cannot understand why you think it is not neccessary to make an announcement, especially for the people that don't follow this forum or just...
  18. DeepSpace NF - infinite Episode list, season in reverse order

    On Dez, 30th I tried to download Storage Hunters, since it was supposed to leave at the end of the year. As you can see in the screenshot, I could see the 21 episodes, but after that, another 21 episodes followed. And if you look at the scroll thing in the middle on the right site, you can see...
  19. D

    AnyStream HBO Max 'No video codecs to choose from'

    Hello. I recently tried the HBO Max module and it seems 66-75% of content gives 'No video codecs to choose from' in the log messages and shows blank fields in the Download Configuration window. Hitting the download button with blank fields causes a crash. Some movies and shows correctly populate...
  20. DeepSpace

    [Resolved] Wrong episode numbering on NF

    As I said in my previous subtitle thread that has been resolved fast I went to NF to download a series, but when I was "done" I discovered that the numbering in the file name is wrong after episode 3. I managed to redo this today, so it is no one-time thing (the log is a clean one from today)...