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    Clone CD not support PIONEER BD-RW BDR-S11?

    I'm using "PIONEER BDR-S11" SATA BD-RW optical drive. But Clone CD Ver5.3.4.0 does not recognize "New CD-R" media. Is it bug? And SATA DVDRAM optical drive "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NS95" is no trouble. Please fix it.
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    Failed to rip a new DVD

    It seems weird, but I just bought this new DVD from Amazon, and when I tried to rip it using 3 different drives -2 x BD-RW and 1 DVD-RW- they all failed after like 3%! I used both the builtin ripping tool and imgburn, and failed on both occasions... Is it possible that this DVD is encrypted in...