bd-r dl

  1. Wingnutt

    Burning from ISO to BD Errors

    Recently downloaded Clone BD. A friend recommended this product to me. Out of 20 or so disks maybe 4 of the projects worked? I have wasted a bunch of blank Ridata BD-R DL 50GB disks. Recently tried to make a disk for Marvel Studios' Shang-chi and the disk failed. My Blu Ray Burner is an ASUS...
  2. SLKabaker

    Possible ImgBurn issue with AnyDVD HD

    I am using ImgBurn and the only thing that has changed, AFAIK, is I updated AnyDVD HD from to (had to reboot after running installation). I created an unprotected ISO with AnyDVD HD Image Ripper and ejected the disc. Before putting a blank disc in the drive, I unchecked...