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  1. Pelvis Popcan

    M9205 Player

    So, it seems this is a Chinese player that is a "clone" of Oppo's 205 UHD player. It's ~$1000.00. It has no optical drive, and doesn't decrypt. It's for playing ripped content. The Oppo 205 has Sabre DAC's and analog audio outputs, and I don't see that on the M9205. The specs for this player...
  2. Pelvis Popcan

    Trying to clarify situation on BD-MOD.com (need Chinese language help)

    Looking at this firmware mod for Oppo 203 player: http://bd-mod.com/oppo.html BUT, he says here: I'm not quite sure what this means. I tried e-mailing and asking him if the Chinese modded player he's selling can ship to the USA, and if it has to stay at the 1209 firmware, or if he can...