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bad sectors

  1. Jarrad Welsh


    Has anyone tried this program called AnyReader? http://www.essentialdatatools.com/support/faq/data-medium-reading.html I'm trying it now to copy a difficult disc called Wrath of the Titans. DVDFab 10.0.51 and AnyDVD never seem to go past 5% and AnyReader 3.18 went past it when...
  2. P

    Boardwalk Empire S01 BD50 Disc 2 of 5

    Hi, having a little trouble here trying to copy Boardwalk Empire S01 BD50 Disc 2 of 5. I have tried 3 different commercial discs (two from netflix) and I still get the same exact results: Error reading from drive D:! Sectors: 17846592-17846623 Sectors: 17847136-17847167 Sectors...