audio stutter

  1. A

    DTS-HD converted to AAC or AC3 result stong audio jitter (MP4-no video transcoding)

    I tried several titles, old and new, and all generated trembling audio, strongly observed especialy on slow music. I tried converting MP4 without video conversion but with audio conversion to AAC or AC3. Both are generating audio with this strong jitter. This makes the application useless for me.
  2. Renascent

    CloneBD causes audio stutter when making a MKV-file (lossless audio)

    Hey I've encountered an error when using CloneBD to make a lossless (original streams) .mkv file. At some point in during the video the audio starts stuttering until you only hear "skips" and "blips". The following BDs I've tried making an MKV out of is Bambi and Rambo 4 (the original BD-cut)...